Luana Passalacqua
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Zahra Foundation Australia supports women and non-binary folk affected by domestic and family violence through programs and financial counselling services.
 By facilitating pathways into further education, training, and employment, we empower our participants to break the cycle of abuse.
We are one of the leading non-government, not-for-profit services in South Australia, providing trauma and violence informed specialist financial counselling and recovery and healing programs for people recovering from family and domestic violence in South Australia. Our tailored programs and financial counselling services promote economic empowerment and support women and non-binary folk on the journey to recovery and financial independence.

Zahra Foundation Australia works to address the issue of gendered violence through its innovative programs, advocacy for change and community awareness. 

My Story
I am fundraising for the Zahra Foundation. 
The Zahra Foundation assist women and non-binary folk recovering from domestic abuse. 
The Zahra Foundation provides pathways to education, training and employment as well as specialised financial counselling services. These services can assist with the prevention of poverty and homelessness and help break the cycle of violence for them and their children. 
Please help me raise money for this great cause!

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